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One of the most popular types of art forms in the recent years is Martial Arts. Not only are the techniques meant for self-defence, but also a type of fitness regimen for men, women and kids alike. Wouldn’t it be fun if you could have a Martial Arts Demonstrator for your cultural event or opening ceremony?

A Martial Arts demonstrator can help to entertain the guests by portraying the different types of moves that they have and by adding an element of controlled violence to stir up the event. It can also enliven up any kids’ parties if your child is a fitness fanatic.

Martial Art Demonstration is one of the key elements for a Chinese New Year celebration. Martial art demonstrations are generally performed by trained professionals and are utilised to remind the community of the rich culture and heritage that they descend from. With a number of performers synchronising their moves to a particular rhythm, the performance is again symbolic of the victory of good over evil and is a spectacle to behold.

It is often considered to be a custom for any Chinese New Year celebration to have a Martial Art Demonstration. With our highly trained performers from famous martial art academy, you can ensure that your event will be nothing short of a grand success.

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