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An Impersonator is a person who copies or imitates the actions and the behavior patterns of famous people. Impersonators are highly talented artists with a keen sense of humour and are capable of tickling the funny bone of any one. Having a well-skilled impersonator at your party can help to up the fun quotient at your party by a notch.

While most event management companies stay shy of having an impersonator since crude actors can be deemed to be disrespectful of the legendary performers. However, at Event Management Malaysia, our highly capable performing artists are able to create the illusion of being the legendary singer or the actor himself.

If you are having a live show and want an element of surprise to jazz it up, our impersonators can help you do just the thing. Some of the impersonator acts that we specialise at include the acts of the king of pop, Michael JacksonElvis PresleyMadonna or Rihanna to enliven your parties and provide acts as fillers within the program structure. Impersonator acts are vastly popular at birthday parties where impersonators help to mesmerise the kids and the adults alike. An impersonator can help to put the fun back in occasions like weddings and can be a filler act in between contests.

Our team of talented impersonators will help your guests have the time of their lives and enjoy a party like never before. With acts and anecdotes, the impersonators can help to make your party fun and enjoyable for all your guests.

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