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Deepavali is the Hindu festival of light, associated with the dispelling of the evil forces and ushering in the good.  One of the most important celebrations for Hindus worldwide, the festival of Deepavali is celebrated with pomp and joy. With celebrations of a number of different events like the setting up of galleries for the sale of traditional objects related to Deepavali, kolam contests and the use of open houses for treating the friends and family members.

The setting up of galleries along the streets, parks or centres is associated with the sale of traditional objects necessary for the festival, including a variety of sweets, gifts for the friends and family, murukku, a traditional fried snack of the Hindus, new clothes, which are a symbol of purification of the body before praying and even biscuits and other food items. The galleries provide an opportunity for traders to sell such objects and the members of a community to gather and talk. We provide sound systems and sky dancers to attract customers and increase sales.

We can help you to organise kolam drawing contests; kolam being a traditional art form created through the use of coloured powders or rice grains which would help to showcase the talents of your guests.

We can arrange for the catering of food for the open houses where your guests can relax and converse amongst each other. With our services, you can simply focus on catering to your guests while hosting a Deepavali Party and leave all the rest of the worry to us.

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